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6 Tips for Incorporating Colour into the Kitchen

Adapted from Share the Love, by Formica Group.

Colour and pattern are large part of our heritage ― and our future. When the Formica Group partnered with Pentagram to develop their 100th Anniversary Collection, it seemed natural to create a line of laminates that paired optimistic brights and cutting-edge graphics to celebrate where the brand has come from these past 100 years and where its going. So you might wonder ― do red, green, yellow, orange and blue laminates really work in a typical kitchen? Read on!

Consider Your Kitchen Style: Very traditional kitchens require traditional colours ... though contemporary, modern and retro kitchens are ideal for graphic patterns and colour.

Mix with Neutral Laminates: No one said you have to go big or get out of the kitchen. Use bright colours and graphic patterns on an island or work station and turn to neutral tones for the rest of the bench space.

Mix with Other Materials: More and more homeowners are mixing and matching materials in their kitchens to save money or to create zones for various tasks. Pair bright or graphic-patterned laminate with the clean lines of stainless steel, butcher block, quartz and other on-trend options.

Pair with White: White and white+light wood kitchens are all the rage, but that doesn't necessarily mean such kitchens are devoid of colour. White and/or light wood provides a clean, neutral backdrop for a bright bench top. Light grey is another on-trend choice, while black can make colours such as red pop.

Use as Pops of Colour: Not sure you want THAT much colour on your bench top? Laminate is ideal for adding pops of colour to an overall neutral kitchen when applied in unexpected places such as the interiors of open cabinets, wine cubbies and bookcases or the tops of shelves.

Simplify Other Kitchen Elements: There is such thing as too much visual interest. Keep the kitchen from becoming busy by pairing bright or patterned benchtops with clean cabinetry, backsplashes, accessories and appliances.

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