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Eporta trend guide for 2017

Feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to all the different trend articles? Want to know looks are going to last thorugh 2017 and beyond when it comes to your kitchen and interiors? You're in luck! The wonderufl people at Eporta have visited all of Europe's best trade shows and pulled together key themes that are consistent across each. Here are some of their picks for this year and the next:


  • The natural world - as technology advances at breakneck speeds we're looking for a return to nature in our interiors, think botanical prints, shapes from nature in furniture, celestial design in lighting and ceiling features


  • A rustic aesthetic - another response to the rise of tech, the rustic aesthetic celebrates the homemade, craft and DIY, a desire for authenticity is prevalent, with warm woodtones dominant, playing on the concept of 'hygge', charm and coziness


  • Sustainability - important in all walks of life, now more than ever before are consumers questioning where their products are coming from, from the raw materials through sustainable manufacturing processes to a general green-outlook and methods of giving back


  • Blurred boundaries - the single purpose space is a thing of the past, think indoor-outdoor flow, multipurpose rooms, the office within the home and the rise of the 'soft workplace' or office that's more like a home with colour, texture and pattern that has been more commonly associated with residential spaces


  • Bold personality - once upon a time we relied on neutrals with the odd splash of colour to add some flair, these days its all about bold colour and bespoke designs to evoke and enhance personality of the occupants


  • A little bit luxe - new contemporary is a favourite theme for living spaces - think masculine elegance, dark woods, warm metals, artisanal leather


  • Surfaces that make a statement - super matte and soft to touch, warm and inviting


Want to know how to achieve these looks in little old NZ? Check out these products to bring the above to life:


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