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The Dulux Colour Forecast

We are in motion, movement is all around us - a blur of colour, a subtle shift of light, a merge of shadows.

Movement is social change, the rise of a nation, the protest of people, the progress of the digital age.

The Dulux Colour Forecast - Colour Movement, explores how colour is moving around us, shifting and changing along with our world and all that is in it.


Merge Palette

Merge evokes nostalgia by merging past, present & future styles for something entirely new but familiar. Craftsmanship, reconciling analogue with digital & simple processes with innovative solutions inform the Merge trend.

Tradition is reflected in the palette where materials associated with craftsmanship are represented in hues of stone, timber & leather while natural dying processes inspire red hues and orange based pinks.


Seek Palette

Curators of our era, we seek out items precious to us; collecting and gathering, fossicking in our past for something treasurable to re-use and reinvent. Collections of objects posses past histories from different times and places, having been inherited, salvaged or hand made.

The Seek trend has a distinctly vintage feel, modernised with saturated gold, green and rose hues. Move on as you look back, recalling various eras while creating your own Seek inspired space.

Empower Palette

Empowered by communication literally at our fingertips, ‘people power’ is reinvented through digital connections and social media. Empower is a palette that captures this movement and its spirit with a range of blues inspiring optimism, openness and communication.

Layering Blues demonstrates the power of colour en masse while creating a vibrant refreshing space. Colour blocking is key to make a powerful on-trend statement in an entry, living area or bedroom.


Rise Palette

Somewhat austere, the Japanese design aesthetic is calm, quiet, considered and above all functional – a design style that is fitting with today’s need for a cocooning, composed environment and a space for contemplation.

Soothe your senses with the almost ethereal soft shades of Rise, a palette of sophisticated pastels that allows otherwise bulky forms to appear light and even soft. The perfect palette for any interior space.

Share Palette

With a new generation embracing digital technology, Share invokes the idea of a world drawn together, with people sharing and soaking up information daily via social media, stimulated and inspired constantly by technology.

Share provides a break from this stimulation with a monochromatic palette allowing digital pattern, positive and negative space, tonal shadows and texture to create the mood. Colours are inspired by natural stone and metals transformed with technology.

Blur Palette

We live in a world of pop-up culture where retail environments need to excite and enthrall, innovation is a constant blur and an online generation craves unique experiences. The Blur palette is shocking and unexpected with reds, pinks, purples and oranges that combine to grab your attention while being fun and lighthearted.

Be bold and adventurous using the Blur palette to create an exciting interior space. Try using these colour combinations in entry spaces, living areas or bedrooms for an on trend look that’s designed to energise.

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