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Trend Vision: Impulse

Following on from our Trend Vision 2014/15 introduction, we jump into the second theme, IMPULSE.

Impulse is eclectic and maximalist.  It celebrates the importance of spontaneity, encouraging us to take risks, fear less and create more. It’s about things that don’t match, an eclectic fusion of styles and colour and pattern. All that counts, is that we like it!

Impulse deals with lots of colour, an eclectic mix of styles and decades, playful shapes and materials. It’s definitely a summer theme with lots of happy colours, poolside blue and sunny yellow, but also faded colours.

The message is: Follow your bliss, enjoy, indulge, let go. No matter what your neighbour may think of you…

Colour takes us on a trip: bright, breezy, sunlit shades. Sorbet tones and seaside colours surge to the surface of the season with swimming pool blues, corals, soft citrons and cranberry. No other colour family is undergoing as much change as the new oranges and reds. Reds range from coral to eggplant, from sorbet to blackcurrant. Oranges are apricot to burnt and terracotta.

All-white rooms feature walls and worktops picked out in vibrant hues and sleek and minimal kitchens and bathrooms are made playful with these bold pops of color. When bright and juicy tones started showing in Milan two years ago, it wasn’t sure if this bold look would be accepted by the consumer, but meanwhile this has developed into a real big trend in Europe. Yellows and purples are two of the favorites, but there seems to be no colour family that doesn’t show up in the programs.  Finishes are preferably glossy, but matte is also an option, as well as the mix of both.

My favourite products from the Laminex New Zealand range that evoke the Impulse theme are:

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