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Trend Vision: Real

For the third and final theme in our Trend Vision series we look at REAL.

REAL pays homage to the Earth in response to our growing urban existence.  Natural materials come in their un-retouched state, the aged and used are cherished.  There’s a new consciousness for where things come from and how they are made. Urban Farming and a new do-it-yourself movement are good examples for this. The home-made and hand-made is the real value today.

The REAL colour palette is one of nature: soft, mellow tones act in agreement. It’s very harmonious and “quiet”. There’s almond, truffle and amber, terracotta, old rose and moss green. Soft and sophisticated, the palette represents ultimate harmony, with muted and dreamy tones.

In the metal arena, there’s also more colour now. The classic silver, graphite and gold is accompanied by copper, the fashion star.  But we also start to see coloured metals in a multitude of shades from cooler to warm colours.

On the materials side, we are talking about wood – all characteristics of wood are “good“– it‘s one of the few truly sustainable materials, it‘s available nearly everywhere and in many colours and types.  It connects us to the world around us; it has a pleasant warm touch. Wood veneers and wood-look products create a warm feel for communal spaces, perfect for cabinetry and kitchen islands.

Riding the wave of the ever-growing DIY trend, recycled, upcycled and repurposed elements are taking over all interior surfaces. From floors and walls to accessories, the interiors market presents a colorful, patched-up appeal. Nature is invading interior spaces in the form of vertical gardens or living walls, with kitchens doubling as greenhouses, gardens moving indoors.

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