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10 unconvential uses for a sheet of laminate

Did you know that the applications for a sheet of decorative laminate extend well beyond benchtops? Here are a few nonconventional yet creative ideas you can try at home, inspired by our friends at Formica*:

10 unconvential uses for a sheet of laminate

  • Use stone patterns as a “natural” table runner – looks great underneath potted plants and other earthen displays.
  • Line the inside back of a bookcase to make an interesting backdrop for books and collectables.
  • Apply to a sheet of particle board to create a custom headboard.
  • Resurface a coffee or side table.
  • Use as a photo backdrop for objects, pets or children.
  • Resurface a wood base to a bar. For an industrial chic look, try the Laminex Innovations range (Tracey, pictured above) of metallics and abstract designs. 
  • Resurface a kid’s desk or art table – an easy-to-maintain option when water spills and crayon smudges are inevitable.
  • Apply to stair risers to add an unexpected pop of color or pattern.
  • Frame various-sized pieces of the same or different pattern as art (patterns such as the Formica Anniversary Collection work well).
  • Resurface a worn wood breakfast tray.


*To keep the folks in our technical and customer service departments happy, we should note that unconventional uses or installation methods (ie: working with our products in a way not recommended by our care & maintenance literature) are likely not backed by our warranty.

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