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Even healthier than water

What’s even healthier than water? Water that’s been in a BWT Water Filter Jug!


 It’s no secret that water is vital for the body to function, but when we get our water straight from the tap, it’s impossible to know exactly what we are drinking. What goes into our water and what comes out has been a furiously debated topic in recent years, but now there is a solution that puts the option back into your hands!


BWT is a new breed of water purification technology. Its jugs contain magnesium mineralizer filters that take all the nasties out, balance the PH of the water, and put the essential mineral magnesium in.


This means when you use BWT for your drinking water, you’ll be getting rid of toxins such as chlorine and heavy metals like lead and copper, as well as replacing calcium with magnesium to ensure an almost neutral PH value.


Magnesium is essential for a healthy immune system and plays an important role in nearly every function and tissue in the body.  Health benefits of magnesium include an improved mental performance, improved functioning of the lungs, support of healthy nerves, decreased chance of heart attack, lower stress levels and improved sleep.


What’s more, the jug is designed to fit in your fridge door, has an easy-fill lid and an easy to control cartridge timer that tells you exactly when you need to replace your filters.


With 2.7 litres of water consumed from the BWT water jug you will cover 20% of your daily magnesium requirement. To get the same amount from food, you would need to eat seven apples. So just by doing what you would be doing anyway - drinking water - you will gain a range of additional health benefits with minimal effort!

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