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First steps for a summer kitchen renovation: Choosing your cabinetry

If replacing kitchen cabinetry is a summer renovation goal, one of the first steps in the planning process is figuring out what design and configuration would work best in your space. If you want to have everything in place and looking fabulous in time for Aunt Mabel’s Christmas visit, it’s time to start planning!

First steps for a summer kitchen renovation: Choosing your cabinetry

First of all decide whether you will choose Stock Cabinetry, Semi-custom or Custom-made Cabinets (see glossary). While Custom-made may carrier a higher price tag, they can be designed to maximise space and storage and fit in with the overall look of your kitchen. Careful measuring and investigation of Semi-custom options will allow you to achieve the look and function you are after, with some good cost savings. A kitchen designer, an experienced joiner or cabinet-maker will help you find the cabinet option that best suits your needs and budget.

First steps for a summer kitchen renovation: Choosing your cabinetry

Browse the inspiration gallery of My Dream Kitchen to get some ideas about the style of your cabinetry – will you choose floating shelving, the full cabinets or the glass fronts that show off your favourite crockery?  Bear in mind the style of the rest of your house and your lifestyle – if you prefer the clean and uncluttered look but struggle to achieve a minimalist décor then perhaps traditional slab doors might be best for you.

First steps for a summer kitchen renovation: Choosing your cabinetry

Your next step will be to choose the material that suits your overall design and fits within your budget.  Low Pressure Laminate, such as Melteca, is a Kiwi favourite with many options available. Check out the cabinetry section to get an idea and then contact one of our trusted partners for a more comprehensive idea of costs involved.


Once you’ve chosen your style, format and the material of your cabinetry, you’re almost there! Next up is the fun stuff. Nowadays cabinetry isn’t just about simple drawers and cupboards – you can find built-in drawer inserts to help keep your utensils in order and easy to find, pull-out attachments that make it easy to reach those infrequently-used appliances at the back of the cupboard and also glides and slow-close mechanisms that make drawers and cupboards close silently (so you can take the last choccy biscuit without the rest of the family finding out!).


Take a look at the My Dream Kitchen storage section for all sorts of amazing ideas on cupboard and drawer space then head on over to the locator page to find the My Dream Kitchen brand partner nearest you.  They’ll help you turn your dream kitchen into a reality in no time!


First steps for a summer kitchen renovation: Choosing your cabinetry 


Stock Cabinetry - Stock cabinets are constructed prior to purchase, the manufacturer does not build them to your unique specifications so all sizes meet industry standards.
Semi-custom Cabinets - A step up from stock, semi-custom cabinets have the ability to incorporate certain custom features, such as increased and reduced depths.
Custom-made Cabinets - There are usually two types of custom cabinets: those made by a custom manufacturer and those made by a local “custom” woodworking shop.

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