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Five Tips for Mixing Cabinetry Colours

Adapted from Share the Love by Formica Group


Can’t decide between natural wood and painted kitchen cabinets?  In today’s kitchens, it doesn’t have to be either/or.  Similar to how matched furniture sets have fallen to the wayside, more and more designers are opting to mix rather than match cabinet colours.

Since cabinets are large financial AND design investments, here are a few tips to ensure your colour choices look intentional rather than piecemeal. 


1. Choose consistent cabinetry styles (i.e. all contemporary, transitional, etc.).

Five Tips for Mixing Cabinetry Colours 

2. Cabinetry in light colours such as white and cream often mixes well with darker wood tones.

 Five Tips for Mixing Cabinetry Colours

3. When mixing woodgrains, keep tones consistent by using all warm or cool colours, or by pairing a warm or cool colour with a neutral colour.

                 Five Tips for Mixing Cabinetry Colours       Five Tips for Mixing Cabinetry Colours

4. Use different cabinetry colours to designate zones. For example, use one colour for the upper cabinetry and another for the bottom cabinetry. Or, keep the primary cabinets one colour and choose a different colour for the kitchen island base cabinets.

 Five Tips for Mixing Cabinetry Colours

5. Unify the cabinetry colours by using the same family of cabinetry hardware.


For more on choosing your cabinetry, check out First Steps for Summer Renovation.  Once you’ve selected cabinetry, find the perfect benchtop by comparing in our benchtop section.

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