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Five tips to make your tiny kitchen seem bigger

What does your dream kitchen look like? Large, light-filled, top-of-the-line appliances and maybe a personal chef while you’re at it?  Well My Dream Kitchen can’t provide the personal chef, but we can help with the inspiration. If you’re short on space, here’s five tips to help turn your tiny kitchenette into the cuisine of your dreams.


1. Choose cabinetry to match your walls. Choosing a single colour for your walls and cabinetry erases boundaries that might stop the eye.  Pale colours will reflect the light and make the space feel bigger, but, when matched with a corresponding wall colour, dark cabinetry can make the walls seem further back and the space wider.  Once you’ve chosen your cabinetry take a sample chip into your paint retailer to have them match it for you.


 Five tips to make your tiny kitchen seem bigger

2. Erase the clutter.  Although they may have sentimental value, try and keep items on display to a minimum, especially small appliances that we have a tendency to display but use infrequently.  Choose a few particularly special or high-use items such as a kettle and keep the rest tucked away. Out of sight, out of mind applies in the kitchen too!

Five tips to make your tiny kitchen seem bigger 

3. Choose open shelving. Once you’ve mastered the de-cluttering install open shelving to give the illusion of greater space.  Floating shelves give a sleek, minimalist look and are available from most interiors and design stores these days.

 Five tips to make your tiny kitchen seem bigger

4. Embrace the light! Regardless of whether you choose light or dark shades, natural light does wonders for a kitchen. Where possible, remove curtains or shades or keep them as simple as possible and let the sun shine in! If this isn’t possible choose some downlighting or feature shades that illuminate high traffic areas such as over the sink and the stovetop.


Five tips to make your tiny kitchen seem bigger 

5. Recess Storage. Our friends at Blum have done wonderful things to fit all your kitchen must-haves into even the tiniest kitchen cupboards and cabinets. Better yet, fit shelving or cabinets flush with walls so as not to obstruct the flow of the kitchen. Don’t forget the Feng Shui!

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