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How to choose a sink

We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but did you know that we spend over 50% of our time in the kitchen at the sink? Choosing your sink is therefore a very important part of the kitchen design process, whether building from scratch or renovating, especially when you consider how it impacts on (the potentially costly) plumbing! In a well-designed kitchen, the sink extends the work space and creates a design centrepiece.

Key considerations are:

1. Is your sink going to be an inset or undermount?  Inset sinks are recommended for laminate bench tops while undermount sinks are most often chosen for solid benchtops such as Laminex Solid Surface.

                                     How to choose a sink                How to choose a sink

                                    Undermount Sink                                  Insert Sink

2. The style and finish should integrate with other elements such as kitchen appliances.  Sinks can look crisp and angular or rounded and there are many styles of drainers to choose from.

3. Is your benchtop wide enough to fit your sink?  Standard benchtops are 600mm from front to back; some larger sinks require a minimum bench depth of 720mm.

4. The configuration of the sink should suit the user.  This includes deciding the number and size of sink bowls and if there is a drainer which side it will go on.

                                          How to choose a sink

5. Consider the size of the cabinet.  The sink dimensions must fit within the cabinetry in the planned kitchen.

6. Decide what sink material you prefer.  There are a wide range of sink materials available - you want to consider what suits your family and your lifestyle best. Check out the sinks area of our product section to learn about all them.

                                                                               How to choose a sink


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