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James & Michelle's dream home Part 5: Choosing the kitchen materials

We got all the brochures to choose our benchtop and cabinet materials right before Christmas and we were on a tight time frame if we wanted to get everything booked in for a January start. Never was I so glad for all those late nights and weekends James & Michelle's dream home Part 5: Choosing the kitchen materials researching!! We chose a Formica® laminate benchtop – I really liked the look of Caesarstone but I wanted something super hardwearing while the kids were still young - and I was surprised by some of the patterns that you can get nowadays. My nana had a good old red Formica table top with the metal sides when I was growing up and I had no idea that Formica had changed so much over the years! There are some really cool options now including patterns that look like real marble, but we chose a concrete look-a-like as I prefer the more subtle effect. Since we’ve moved in there have been quite a few spills – Aubrey likes to ‘help’ me with the dinner, and I’m so glad that the Formica benchtop is so easy to clean! Just a damp cloth, or a bit of Spray and Wipe and all the mess is gone – then I can relax in my new living space; the old cramped house is now a distant memory!

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 The metallic toe-kick is one of my favourite parts – like a shiny pair of heels under a long dress – and I’ve had heaps of comments from friends who love it too!  Jack’s favourite thing in the new house, apart from the dinosaur decals on his bedroom walls, is the glass splashback that the team at Graphic Glass put in for us. We love that it gives a pop of colour to the kitchen; Jack just loves that it’s a greeny shade of blue, his favourite colour!

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James & Michelle's dream home Part 5: Choosing the kitchen materialsWhen it came to cabinetry we knew we wanted lots of it! I’m not really a fan of bright and bold patterns - I wanted something a little more subdued that matched well with our benchtop. Again, something that would be easy to clean was top of my list. I’m also trying to do my bit to raise the kids to be environmentally conscious, so when the designer told us that Melteca® decorated board was recommended by Environmental Choice New Zealand we knew we had made the right decision. We chose Melteca Snowdrift and opted for a finish called Naturale which gave the cabinetry a nice flat finish. This made us feel as though our cabinetry was something we’d chosen and not just a run of the mill, out of the box option. There are other options for finishes if you want something a little bit different – there’s even one called Puregrain that feels a bit like wood.  I spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen so I wanted something that I really loved, and something that I felt like I’d played a part in creating.  From the very first day after we’d moved in I was in love – even with all the boxes everywhere – and I couldn’t wait to bake up a storm in my new kitchen!

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