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James & Michelle's dream kitchen part four: construction begins!


James & Michelle's dream kitchen part four: construction begins!It was so exciting when things finally got moving on our new house. We rented a property that was just down the road so there was as little disruption to ours and the kids’ schedules as possible – but this also meant that we could drive by on the weekends and see the progress. Seeing the concrete foundations laid was pretty exciting, but it was once the framing was up that things really started to take shape. Jack loved being shown where his room was going to be, and from the beginning I was feeling excited about the new kitchen!

As the walls started to go up and the roof went on we got more and more excited – and more and more into the detail of choosing the surfaces and finishes. It was tough to make decisions fitting to a tight schedule while still working full time and taking care of the kids but we knew it would be worth it for years to come. We were lucky that we had great contractors who kept us updated on progress and knew all about the process. They were always just a phone call away and that was reassuring as building a house is a huge investment and looking at our bank balance was a scary thing!!!

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