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The big autumn clear out (it's going to be the next big thing)

Autumn is not the season traditionally associated with cleaning and organising, we get that. But we here at My Dream Kitchen have a proposal for you: the Autumn clear out. We all hoard over Winter when its too cold to make a run down to the Salvation Army or to the tip with unwanted items, and it’s hard to clear out your wardrobe when you don’t know if this is the year that Winter will really look like an episode of Game of Thrones. But how much better will you feel come springtime when half of the hard work is already done?

Get a head start on September by getting your kitchen, and your house in shape now. You can thank us later.

  The big autumn clear out (it's going to be the next big thing)

If you’re doing a bit of renovation, think about using Formica Magnetic laminates for your pantry doors to create an interactive space where you can keep shopping lists, family schedules and coupons and menus for the Chinese takeaway round the corner. If there isn’t the budget for a renovation, try Dulux’s Chalkboard paint for an interactive, writable surface, and combine with a corkboard to pin menus and school notices to.

Are all your plates and bowls white? Us too. Bring a little cheer to your kitchen this winter by choosing a colourful interior for your cupboards. Melteca laminated panels are not only perfect for hardwearing cupboard doors, but the wide range of patterns and brights can really make a statement on interior spaces too. No renovations planned? Try Dulux’s colour tool to find the hue that’s right for you.

Keeping drawers and cupboards tidy can be a nightmare, especially pots, pans and Tupperware containers with their lids – you can never find the right size when you need it.  Thankfully BLUM offer a range of handy in-drawer and in-cupboard organisers to keep everything tidy and easy to find.  Adding hooks to the back of cupboard doors can be a handy way to keep often-used utensils in easy reach (just maybe keep the knives in the knife-block!).

The big autumn clear out (it's going to be the next big thing)

Don’t let the rest of the house escape your organizing binge – just think how much better it will be come the warmer weather when half the spring cleaning is already done. More time for spring picnics and outdoor fun with the family!

Label the shelves in your hot water cupboard or linen closet to keep different sheet sizes separate and matching sets together. There’s nothing worse than trying to stretch a fitted sheet across the master bed only to find that you’ve picked up your son’s single. 

Take a trip to Spotlight or a craft supply store and buy yourself a bunch of mini hooks for the back of your wardrobe door – hang necklaces and other jewelry to keep your beside tables tidy, and avoid knots.

While you're at it, this is probably the perfect time to go through your summer wardrobe and dontate anything you didn't wear this past summer. If you're really keen you could do the same with your winter wardrobe and get ready for the cooler months. Then with all that extra space you'll definitely deserve a shopping trip.

You may not enjoy putting in the hard yards now, but come spring you can focus on picnics and getting outdoors - you'll thank us then, we promise!

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