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The Last Resort for Tough Stains on Laminate

If that red wine or beetroot juice stain on your laminate benchtop won’t budge despite using recommended mild household cleaners such as Mr Muscle Surface and Glass or Ajax Spray and Wipe, a good last resort is acetone.

Acetone is the strongest solvent recommended for laminate use. Simply use a paper towel to apply the acetone (try a small area first as a test). The acetone will dry fast and take seconds to work. Wipe clean with a dry paper towel.

Please note: Acetone will not harm the laminate, but it will attack the glue that holds the laminate down, so keep it away from the countertop seams. Acetone also is flammable, so make sure you do not use near a heat source and that the room is well ventilated.

The Last Resort for Tough Stains on Laminate

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