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The latest in kitchen design

Today’s homeowner spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Take a few tips from the pros and love the space you live in.

Designing your kitchen, whether all new or remodelled, is an arduous task.  Take a few tips from the current trends to create a space that suits your needs.


Trend 1: Fifty shades of grey

Grey is in and we love it.  Why? It’s the perfect neutral.  Here are a few ways to use it.

Cabinets – Melteca is the perfect choice for cabinetry. Try either Fog or Baikal for the classic look, or add a little texture with Zincworks or Silver Strata. If the high gloss, luxe look is what you’re after try Melteca Purecoat in Lunar or Coast.

Benchtops – Concrete is IN. Get a little industrial in the kitchen with Caesarstone Raw Concrete or Sleek Concrete, or try Formica laminate in Metropolitan Concrete or Elemental Concrete.

Floors – For something really special, how about Laminam Blend Grigio ceramic tiles. They come in 3m by 1m tiles for dramatic effect.


Trend 2: Technology Craze

Technology isn’t just for your phone.

We all know energy saving appliances, like dishwashers and refrigerators, are a smart choice.  But did you know that by using hands free technology like motion sensors for under-cabinet lighting, that you can save money, too?

Explore the amazing world of motion-activated taps for both ease and health benefits.  The growing demand and competition is driving prices down on these handy tools, so you can breeze through cooking and cleaning with the wave of a hand. Added bonus? Far fewer germs transfer!

The latest in kitchen design

Trend 3: What is art?

Pick a statement piece.

Splashbacks, although typically only small in size, can make a huge impact in the kitchen.  A bold colour, classy tile, or daring laminate can really change a space for the better.    

If you have heirloom pottery or unique china, opt for glass or open shelving within cabinetry to show it off to its fullest extent.

Think about installing contrasting cabinets or benchtops (or both!).  Installing a dramatic pattern on your island can turn it into a piece of art and you need not break the bank. Formica 180fx laminates are drool-worthy stone look-alikes with all the benefits of laminate at a fraction of the price of real marble.

 The latest in kitchen design

Trend 4: Open entertainment.

The kitchen is quickly becoming the centre of most home activity.  The open concept kitchen, dining, living room makes it easy to entertain guests or kids, but can be challenging to execute and design with minimal walls. These trends will unify your space…

Monolithic floors:  Don’t chop up every space with a new material.  Monolithic floors make it easy to rearrange furniture and keep things fresh.

Pop of colour: While neutral benchtops and cabinets are in, so are bold appliances and fixtures.  The perfect orange light fixture, or a bold red stove will spark a conversation.

Coordinate but don’t match everything perfectly.  Trying to match every surface is nearly impossible, anyway!  Contrasting the dining table from the island is preferred, and even helps designate the space as being its own without a wall.

For most of today’s homeowners, the kitchen is a well-used space.  Update it to be a well-loved space with one or more of these trends!

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