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The lowdown on oven technology

Wondering what type of oven would suit you best? Here's a summary of the 3 key functions modern ovens offer: steam, pyrolytic, and microwave convection.

The lowdown on oven technology

Steam combination ovens

Steam cuisine is the greatest cooking trend from the past few years – and for good reason! It’s quick, easy and healthy. But for those who steam their food on cooktop or in the microwave, the results are not always perfect. A combination steam oven has all the added benefits of a traditional oven and a steam oven in one compact appliance. Here are its 5 main advantages:

1. Better temperature control – you can easily reduce the oven temperature under 100C to cook delicate items (such as white fish, custards or soufflés). 

2. No flavours transferring – the layout of the Smeg steam ovens gives you the ability to cook different foods together on multiple levels without flavours and odours intermingling. You can cook veggies, rice, meat and dessert all at the same time!

3. Great for defrosting – no more microwaved chicken cooked on the sides and frozen in the centre! A combi steam oven distributes heat more gently and evenly than a microwave. Your meat will come out as fresh as out of the butcher’s shop!

4. Great for reheating – a steam combination oven works much better than a microwave at reheating food, as it retains all the moisture, flavours and nutrients. 

5. You can steam any type of food in it! Contrary to popular opinion, steaming isn’t just for fish or vegetables – bread and pastries also achieve a better rise when cooked with added steam, and meat roasted in a steam oven comes out more tender and juicy than ever!

The lowdown on oven technology

Pyrolytic ovens

No scrubbing required – ovens equipped with pyrolytic technology will actually clean themselves!

Pyrolytic ovens are the best companions for passionate cooks who use the oven a lot. Simply press one button to set the oven into pyrolytic cleaning mode – it will then heat up to 500°C, and will carbonise all grease and food residue to a fine ash, which can then be easily wiped out with a damp cloth. The entire process takes only a couple of hours, saving you both time and effort.

Smeg’s Thermoseal technology ensures that no heat escapes the oven during pyrolytic cleaning, so your kitchen will never feel hot or stuffy. Plus, ovens equipped with Smeg's Cool Door will remain safe to touch during the entire process.

The lowdown on oven technology

Microwave convection ovens 

Microwave convection ovens are also called “microwave combis” because, very simply, they are the combination of a traditional oven and a microwave. 

The best advantage of a combi microwave is that you can use both functions at the same time. This allows food to be cooked quickly, yet come out browned or crisped as in a traditional oven. It’s the perfect tool for busy families who want to be able to whip out a nice home-cooked meal in record time! 

Smeg built-in ovens are available in three key ranges. Classic, with its dual black and stainless steel tones, adapts perfectly to any kitchen style. Linea, a minimalistic and contemporary line, is available in different shades of white, black or bue-grey. Victoriahas the soft and curvy lines of a vintage chic look, and is available in glossy black, white or cream. 

If you want to know more about Smeg technology, click to book a FREE cooking technology class in your area, and find out everything there is to know about steam, induction or pyrolytic!

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